NO. 1180 2024-04-16

Dr. Henri Berestycki Predict Epidemic Spread Scenarios with Mathematical Laws, Enjoy Tamsui Campus, Seek to Add Tamkang Clement and Carrie Chair to His Resume

Administrative Unit Digital Transformation and Net Zero Exhibition, President Keh Acknowledge Smart Initiatives for Sustainability

North Tamsui USR Project: 10 Delicacies Revive Mackay’s Missionary Journey in Taiwan

Mass Communication Alumnus Chien-Hung Lien's Work Salli Wins Award in Osaka

256 Young and Aged Volunteers Served at the Wan Jin Shi Marathon

TQM Seminar: Exploring New Chapters in Leadership Wisdom and Green Practices Together

Formosa Scholarship Donor Visits President at School

Crossing Seas for Exchange with Waseda University: Dr. Chiu-Kuei Tseng Visits Haruki Murakami

Alumni Reunion Spring Feast: Samuel Su and Jian-Fu Li Lead Singing of School Anthem, Andy Chen Donates NT$16.25 Million

2024 Net Zero Transition Alliance Summit: Inviting Alumni Enterprises to Collaborate in Cultivating Sustainability Talents

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