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Many students may not be aware that there is a studio of several music bands formed by TKU’s students and graduates, such as The Fire Rain, The Box, and The Messiah, at the beginning of the Denghui Da Dao. The band members are all struggling but inspired musicians waiting for their big break when they can go on to big stages.

The road to fame is not an easy one, and is often fraught with conflicts caused by their rehearsal. They have been threatened constantly by the residents nearby complaining about the ‘noise’ and not all residents are nice about their complaints. Unfortunately, where they are presently is also the home to many mob-type characters who certainly do not bother to hide their annoyance. It took some diplomacy to finally reach an agreement about the time of rehearsal. Yet, each time is a walk on thin ice. They need to be extra cautious not to offend the mob. Strangely, the most dangerous place is the safest place, claimed by Huang Chen-yi, a graduate of the Department of Architecture, who is also the chair of the studio. He pointed out the studio was originally nested in a nice residential area in Sha Lun region of Tamsui, but was forced to move to its present address due to the threat of local residents by calling the police. Ironically, their current neighbors will never threaten them with the police. In that sense, the bands are safe.

In spite of the neighbors, Huang and his members, who are from various departments, appreciate the comradeship in the studio. They use every possible free time to practice and contribute NT$ 500 each month to maintain the day-to-to running; they also put extra money aside for future investment. Right now they are saving up for an air-conditioner for next summer. Yet, none of them is complaining about the crammed circumstance they are in as they are all united by one big love—the music. They are also united by the dream of performing in front of big audiences one day.

That day will come if the peace with the neighbors is not broken.

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