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The 26th Nation-Wide College Dance Show—“Passion and Power” will be held at Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall at 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night (November 30, 2004). This is the sixth time that TKU sponsors this grand activity. 24 teams from 19 universities and colleges of Taiwan will join the dance show this year, including 22 student teams and 2 disadvantaged teams from “Birds and Water Dance Group.” People who like to see the show can ask for the tickets from the Extracurricular Activities Guidance Section (B402).

The opening dance “T’ai-Yun Chu-Ying” (T’ai’s melody among bamboo shadow) will be performed by TKU Dance Club. It is a folk dance in which eight student dancers turn into bamboo fairies and dance in the bamboo woods under the sunray. They will dance to the beautiful and flowing melody, provoking the audience’s imagination of enchanting scenery. The Ballroom Dance Club will perform a Latin American dance called “Wu Liao” (dancing seduction). Twenty-two students will dance in pairs to the music in the cool autumn wind, alluring the audiences’ senses and passion through their wild dance steps.

As for the teams from other schools, each of them will show different styles of dance. National Taichung Teachers College will perform gypsy cape dance, with the typical flavor of Spanish dance; MingChi University of Technology will perform aboriginal dance, which shows a primitive power of dance; Wenzao Ursuline College of Language will perform a Thailand dance, which presents the passion of the Thai; Pop Dance Club from National Chengchi University will perform a dance that combines Hip-Hop with Jazz--“A Slut of Jamaica Gave Me the Climax.” 6 teams will perform Latin American dance, the most popular dance in previous years, and 5 teams will perform modern dance. In addition, audience can see traditional Chinese dance, street dance, folk jazz, pop dance, and free-style in the show, too.

The most special group is “Birds and Water Dance Group,” a disadvantaged dance group. It will send two teams consisting of blind men and physically handicapped persons to perform the modern dance. The blind dancers will perform “The Eye of Night,” which shows their courage and growing vigor. The physically handicapped people will perform “The Birth of Butterfly,” which symbolizes that, like a chrysalis transforming into butterfly, their spirits are transformed through the joyful dance.

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