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The 93 academic year graduation ceremony was held at Student Center on June 4. under the sunshine, the procession of graduating students led by Tamkang University founder Dr. Clement C. P. Chang and President Dr. Flora C. I. Chang crossed the pathway by the Chinese Palace Style Classrooms and gathered in front of the stature “Carp’s leap at Tamkang.” Many graduates took photo with President Chang, sharing their joy and gratitude. Before the ceremony started, the Instructional Technology Section showed a retrospective short film, creating a very warm atmosphere.

The ceremony started with President Chang’s speech at 10:00 a.m. She expressed that Tamkang’s alumni nearly reached the number of two hundred thousand and encouraged graduating students to join the alumni association, not only keeping in touch with Tamkang but also recognizing Tamkang as the backup force for the future. She also encouraged graduating students to step at Tamkang and see the world, to grasp the information for the future. University founder Dr. Chang provided another perspective by saying that one’s mind should follow the development of career and the change of the world. He invited graduating students to return often after their graduation, “to see the completion of the gymnasium construction project next year” and “to see Kuai-shan island from Lan-yang campus.”

President of Tamkang Alumni Association, Shieng-jiung Lee, who is also a member of the Legislative Yuan, also spoke on the power of alumni. He indicated that three were one hundred and thirty-eight organizations related to Tamkang Alumni Association, including the one in the Legislative Yuan. Dr. Lee now serves his fifth term in the Legislative Yuan and thus presented “five” motto to all Tamkang graduating students: hardness, endurance, persistence, passion, and satisfaction.

This year, the graduation speech was given by Mei-chun He, a senior in the Department of Educational Technology. With her sentimental and humorous voice and tone, she spoke on the four essential college “credits”: academic, club, part-time job, and love. She also expressed her unforgettable memories of the beautiful sites of Tamkang campus, including the Chinese palace style classrooms, the arts enter, swimming pool, “six-star” library, twenty-four hours study room, computer rooms, among many other things. She addressed her gratitude to all the professors and mentors, who have made her experienced, knowledgeable, and courageous, and prepared her ready for the coming future.

The graduation speech was followed by the event of giving awards and diplomas. The ceremony ended with the song “Let your heart fly.” With joyful teas singing the song, many graduating student held each other, biding farewell to their teachers, friends, campus, and college life as well. (~ Yu-lin Lee )

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