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“The programs in University of Victoria Canada (UVIC) were excellent. I experienced the excitement of cannoning, and school leaders are so good and very responsible. I had so much fun” Peng Yao-ching (Senior, Information Engineering) said happily. He is working hard now to save money for another travel and study tour in the next winter vacation.

The summer of this year, Division of Continuing Education held the English studying tours to New York University, USA, University of Victoria, Canada, University of Surrey, London / University of Edinburgh, England, also had another 5 overseas learning groups for Japanese Tokyo culture. Students joined the tours were very satisfied with these organized plans from school. They not only experienced local culture and life style but also improved English skills.

Wong Yung-shan, leading teacher in the tour for Oxford University, stated that all students not only demonstrated their English learning ability, but their other brilliant performance as well during the International Student Party with members from more than 12 different countries participated. Students from Belgian, France, Italy, and Spain were all yelling out : “TAIWAN!TAIWAN!”. With cheers and encouragements from other students, it was a big honor for TKU and Taiwan that we won the group champion tournament. Besides,Tseng Yia-ling (Junior, International Trade), and Mr. Wong Yung-shan won the badminton double team champion that amazed students from other countries.

Tseng Shen-jen (Junior, Department of Management Sciences and Decision Making), who joined this tour to New York University, stated “Although it is a travel and study tour held by school, I feel it’s more like semi-backpack self-learning camp. I learned a lot ! We discussed agendas with our partner everyday, excepted holidays.” “A group of people take subway or walk to the places only showed on traveling books, TV shows, or movies, such as Time Square, Central Park, Columbia Univ., 5th Avenue, Broadway, Empire State Building, and Statue of Liberty. Everything and every places are so interesting” Tseng continued excitingly. (~Shen-chian Chu)

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