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President Flora C. I. Chang led Vice President for Administrative Affairs Kao Po-yuan, Director of Lanyang Campus Lin Jyh-horng, Dean of General Affairs Hung Ching-jen and other administrative heads to inspect the schedule of the construction of Lanyang Campus. After the briefings by the architect Yu Hsien-deh and Shuan-His Construction Company, President Chang bade that the construction will be completed on time to the advantage of teachers and students next semester.

12 students from the Department of Global Studies on Politics and Economics, Muticulture and Linguistics Studies, Software Engineering, and Information and Communications Technology Management were invited to the inspection, also enjoyed films at the International Conference Hall through new apparatuses. As Presidents indicated, after the usage warrant of teaching section, the apparatuses in the International Conference Hall have been installed, but not in classrooms; hopefully the usage warrant of dormitory can be approved as soon as possible, and students can move in without any problems and enjoy the wonderful scenery there. The Director of Lanyang Campus Lin Jyh-horng arranged student leaders’ visit to familiarize them with the new environment and prepare the reception for guests and alumni on school birthday.

Dean of General Affairs Hung Ching-jen pointed out that the purpose of this visit to Lanyang Campus was to ascertain the last stage of construction, which has come to the trimming and cleaning of the environment, and there would be no problem with the celebrations and conferences held on school birthday. Besides, the testing of the five elevators at the dormitory section can be finished by the end of this month, and, hopefully, the usage warrant can be approved on 18 November. Dean Hung also commented on the apparatuses at Lanyang Campus: “The teaching section and the International Conference Hall are equipped with brand new apparatuses, small conference rooms and one reception room included. The construction of the restaurant has been completed too: the first floor for cafeteria, second for Chinese food, with operators to be sought. An arcade will be set up to enhance the convenience of students’ daily purchases.

How do students think about this visit? Lee Hsiang (Department of Global Studies on Politics and Economics) said, “Lanyang Campus is surprisingly spacious, allowing a view to beautiful Turtle Island. I believe the completion of construction will make the whole campus more beautiful. With more land developed new, more departments opened, and more students coming, Lanyang Campus will be filled with more energy!” Lee Yu-ru, class leader from Department of Software Engineering, commented briefly, “It feels good at my first visit to Lanyang Campus. After this initiation, we are more familiar with the routes and environment, and feel more confident to receive guests on school birthday. The International Conference Hall is fantastic. The completion of construction is worth expecting!” Huang Yi-hsiu (Department of Information and Communications Technology Management) said, “The architectural style of Lanyang Campus is different from Tamsui Campus, each with her own uniqueness. The apparatuses powered by solar energy are special.” (~ Han-yu Huang )

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