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A six-year old TKU e-Business Program for Information and Electronic Industries, set up by the College of Management, has won a Prize for Good Work from the Ministry of Education. TKU is one of the nine universities, alongside with National Cheng Chi and Chung Chen Universities, to have won MOE’s “Project for Integration of Manufacturing and Business Technology Awards” recently.

TKU’s program is in tandem with the Ministry’s Education Reform Project for Integration of Manufacturing and Business Technology that was proposed several years ago. At TKU, the Department of Information Management has been supervising the running of the program for six years, receiving approx. NT$ 1,150,000 of aid from MOE each year. Hundreds of students have been awarded with certificates since the launch of the program, a testimony to the success of this program. The results produced by students between 2005 and 2006 that were on display on December 27 last year, won TKU the award of Good Work.

Apart from this project, there are two other projects, Program for System-on-Chip Business Management and Program for Information Security, authorized and approved by MOE are being run at TKU, making the university the only institute in Taiwan to have run 3 MOE projects simultaneously. ( ~Ying-hsueh Hu )

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