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Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center has won 1st TKU Quality Awards after some stringent scrutiny. Li Chi-mao, the Director of the Center is appreciative of the recognition given to the efforts he and his staff have put in since 2000, its inauguration. They have been dedicating the center to make art accessible to everyone.

Dr. Wan-tung, the Chair of the Evaluation Committee of these Awards explains that CCFAC stands out for its well-prepared documentation, oral report and its venue management. It not only fulfills but even excels all the eight criteria set by the committee satisfactory without neglecting any small detail.

Mr. Chang Ben-hang, the Associate Director of the Center, says that they took a great deal of care in the preparation for the assessment and were always worried that they did not do enough. Apparently, in the end, their dedication paid off by winning this recognition for their quality of work. Now the center is facing a bigger challenge which is how to excel its present performance so that the Center can reach even a higher level? Therefore, he emphasizes that “Winning this is only a beginning and we can not relax at all.”

The aim of this TKU Quality Awards is to involve all TKU faulty and staff, inspiring a participating spirit. Hence, Director Li will share the win, which is NT$ 150,000 with everyone working under him. They will go on a two day trip to a hot-spring resort in Nan Chuang, and they will take some arts classes while they are there, according to Miss Yang Ching-yi, the outing organizer. ( ~Ying-hsueh Hu )

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