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Chang Jia-kan, a senior from the Department of Business Management, represented his peers in accepting the “2007 University Outstanding Youth Awards” from the President, Chen Shui-bian the other day. He stood proudly in front of the President on behalf of his 13 fellow students, who have also been awarded with the same honor for their academic performances, participation in student clubs, and social services. This event is organized by the China Youth Corps every year.

All 14 of them have made important contribution to their fellow students, the universities, the community, and their studies. Chang, for example, has helped organize various extra curricular activities as well as social services programs. Similarly, Liao Cheng-hou, a junior at the Department of Electrical Engineering, was chosen for his conviction in serving others through his religious belief. With such an involvement, he realized how important it is to get along with other people. He loves working with people as he sees everyone as the master of his or her destiny, and believes we can create anything should we set our mind to it.

Other winners include Chang Jia-chi, a senior at the Department of Educational Technology, who is an outstanding athlete, Hong Wei-ting, a senior at the Department of Public Administration, who has been a staff member of various student associations, Wu Zhi-kuan, a junior at the Department of Mass Communication, who is TKU’s Friendship Ambassador, while Hsu Ling-chien, a junior at the Department of Economics, Hsieh Yi-fan, a junior at the Department of Accounting, and Han Kai Ming, a senior at the Department of Management have all been actively involved in their respective departmental association, and collaborated frequently on joint affairs.

Lin Ching-wei, a post-graduate of European Studies, won for her instant interpretive skills and other expertise in foreign languages and affairs. Cheng Wei-li, a post-graduate at Educational Psychology and Counseling, stands out for her voluntary work in counseling services. Hsieh Yi-ting and Cheng Yi-rong, both sophomores at Lanyang Campus, have been dedicated to student affairs in the dormitories there. Finally, Shen Eng-chao, a senior at the Department of Physics, and Kuan Cheng-chi, a senior at the Department of Aerospace Engineering joined the list for their academic performances. Both of them have been admitted to two prestigious national graduate schools through recommendation. They and 12 others will be honored by the university on June 12.

According to the Extracurricular Activities Guidance Section, in order to be considered as a viable candidate for such awards, students must have reached an average of 70% in academic performances and satisfied the 80% threshold of good behavior. On top of that, they should have been a staff member of a student association and involved in student affairs, are dedicated to public services, have organized events that promote TKU or Taiwan’s standing, and have done outstanding academic research with specific expertise and results. ( ~Ying-hsueh Hu )

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