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Dr. Sung Mei-hua, Dean of College of Foreign Languages and Literatures, led 17 staff remembers, including chairpersons and teachers of the College, to Japan from May 9 to 13. They attended the conference co-held by TUFS and TKU, “Current Situation of Multi-Language Education by e-Learning,” at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS), and visited our exchange students studying abroad near Tokyo.

Peng Chuen-yang, Chair of Dept. of Japanese, who contributed to this conference, indicated that when he led some junior students of Japanese Dept. to Japan for abroad study last year, he met Prof. Lin Chun-cheng, a teacher working at TUFS. Last semester, Prof. Lin not only cooperated with TKU Japanese Dept. to give a distance learning class, “Japanese Conversation,” but also brought a group of students to visit TKU and carried out related studies, both of which gained hot response. Recently, our College of Foreign Languages and Literatures actively promotes Multi-Language e-Learning Website, which is quite similar to the study field of multi-language in TUFS. Hence, the conference was formulated by the earnest communication of both colleges.

Apart from participating in the conference, the party also visited the alumni of Japanese Dept. who study in the PhD program at TUFS. They made a visit to Sophia University at Tokyo and Reitaku University at Chiba-Ken as well, seeing our exchange students in Reitaku University. Our exchange students at Waseda University also received the crew and took them to experience Japanese Culture in Tokyo. ( ~Shu-chun Yen )

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