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For 4 days in a row, Graduate Institute of Future Studies runs 6 multimedia lecture series on future science and technology, “The Future of Technology: Human Intelligence and Its Flexibility—Challenge and Inspiration of Neurobiology”.

Chair of Graduate Institute of Future Studies, Dr. Chen Chien-fu indicates that only 1/3 of human brain is developed. He expects the easy and interesting introduction may help audiences to understand the potential of the brain. With multimedia assistance, the speech will introduce neurobiology and the inspiration and challenge brought with this new field.

The lecture series will be presented by six professors from Graduate Institute of Future Studies. The session by Dr. Chen Jui-guey(10:10 - 12:00, May 15, at I501 ) will be made accessible to those who miss the lecture by video recording and campus network.

Other sessions are all held in Ching-sheng International Conference Hall : Dr. Chen Kuo-hua (14:10 - 16:00, May 16), Dr. Solomon, Jon Douglas (10:10 - 12:00, May 14), Dr. Song Mei-mei (14:10 - 16:00, May 14 ) , Dr. Lai Chia-ling (14:10 - 16:00, May 15) , and Dr. Teng Yu-ying (10:10 - 12:00, May 17). ( ~Peiling Hsia )

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