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This year’s commencement ceremony held by the Department of Architecture on June 17 at Si-Men Market, Taipei, tries to break away with tradition. Instead of merely speeches and an awards ceremony, the department this year will have live music performances, and a collage of films that show memorable moments of students and teachers. Furthermore, the ceremony will be light-hearted with a touch of Oscar-like atmosphere, giving out awards that include Best Design, Outstanding Academic Performances, and Mystery Awards. In between the awards, there will be films showing graduates and professors speaking about interesting and funny anecdotes of their experiences at the department.

Dr. Wu Kuang Ting, the head of the department indicates that this ceremony is a wonderful opportunity for students and faculty members who have had great relationship with one another to show gratitude and share the results of their hard work. He added, “This is our tradition and it is an important event for us.” ( ~Ying-hsueh Hu )

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