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Vice President of Administrative Affairs, Dr. Po-yuan Kao, and Chair of Graduate Institute of Chinese Linguistics and Documentation, Chen Shih-hua, led five professors to present six papers at the “International Conference on the Influence of Documentation on Chinese Academic Studies,” co-held by TKU and Keio University, Waseda University, and Nishogakusha University in Tokyo from June 13 to 15. Dr. Po-yuan Kao delivered a keynote speech on “Globalization and the Studies of Chinese Literature and Culture.”

With 20,000-30,000 students, these three universities all have hundred-year school history, and are noted for their researches on Chinese classics. Keio University’s publication of Oriental Classics and her collection of ancient Sinology texts impressed all our teachers. Dr. Po-yuan Kao points out, “Keio’s Oriental Classics is one of great features of Keio University. Though there are collections of documents on European Union in TKU library, to upgrade our library it is expected not only to update facilities but also to increase our unique collections. With this visit to well-known schools, we have learned the hard-working, positive, and responsible attitudes in their management, which may help to keep up TKU’s reputation in Taiwan.”

Dr. Chen Shih-hua stated that in addition to academic exchanges and visits, they also discussed about further academic cooperation.

Keio University will also make a visit in TKU in the March of 2008 to discuss issues about being sister schools and exchanging students and teachers in the future.

Without taking any rest, on June 24, Dr. Po-yuan Kao led 10 TKU administrative staffs to visit Renmin University of China, Capital Normal University, Hubei University, Wuhan University, and Nan-Jing University in Mainland China. They exchanged experiences in school administrative affairs in order to promote cross-strait academic exchanges. They plan to return to Taiwan on this Friday (June 29). ( ~Peiling Hsia )

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