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To help freshmen learn more efficiently, Student Learning Support Section, The Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT), has launches a web-oriented “Online Workshop for Freshmen Learning Strategies” (at since this semester. The opening time of the first stage spans from now to November 7th. The interested student can log in with their student ID (for both account and password). Those freshmen who have passed the evaluation of one subject on this website will be honored with “Merit.” Senior students can visit the website as a visitor with “971_visitor.”

Hsu Chia-ling, Section Chief of Student Learning Support Section, indicates that this online interactive curriculum is designed to motivate freshmen’s independent learning habit. The courses opened since September include “King of Memory” and “Time Manager.” In October, two new courses, “Keys to Studying Foreign Textbooks” and “How to All-Pass” are available.

Chang Yi-ting, freshman of Dept. of Statistics, remarks on “King of Memory” that the design is very considerate and helpful for her future studying. While Yu Chen, another freshman of Dept. of Statistics, praises “Time Manager” for providing tips in scheduling her learning life.

In addition, to introduce its services and spatial arrangement, TKU Library has launched tour guide from last week to September 19. Every 10 freshmen can apply for one tour guide. The library also set up course “How to Use Library Resources” for the new graduate students in searching for research matters. ( ~Chen Chi-szu )

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