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Good news for TKU’s would-be graduates! The result of “2009 Survey of 1000 Entrepreneurs’ Favorite Graduates,” done by Cheer magazine, was announced. TKU has been ranked as No. 1 among private universities for the twelfth time, and deemed as No. 8 among all universities. Among the 8 evaluated categories, TKU graduates beat graduates of many national universities in “Team Spirit” and “Stability and Stamina”—ranking No. 4, and No. 5, respectively. As to the fields of entrepreneur, TKU graduates are rated most favorable in “Finance” and “Services”—No. 4, and No. 5 respectively.

“To win public recognition continuously for twelve years implies that the social praise of the ability of our graduates is solidly validated, and that is the fruit of our long-term cultivation in the Three Circles and Five Disciplines of education and the supports by the alumni,” President C. I. Chang remarked. “The quantity of alumni is one of our privileges, and presently every department and graduate institute spares no effort in founding alumni association, which will consolidate the union of the graduates.”

Responding to the social appreciation of TKU graduates’ “Team Spirit” and “Stability and Stamina” President Chang indicates that TKU has emphasized the cultivation of students’ social relation and team spirit in doing services. Offering the newly established “Black Swan Exhibition Hall” for student-oriented displaying is one of the examples of such efforts. In order to nurturing the quality of “stability and stamina,” the three important quotients--IQ(Intelligence Quotient), EQ(Emotional Quotient), SQ(Social Quotient)--are integrated in the process of education.

However, President Chang points that TKU has much space of improvement to compete with national universities, such as National Taiwan University and National Cheng Kong University. Among the 8 evaluated categories, there are six categories need to put more efforts in the future—“professional knowledge and skills,” “problem solving abilities,” “global vision and foreign language skills,” “creativity,” “interdisciplinary understanding,” and “willing to learn” (which was ranked No. 3 in last year). In the 2009 academic year, The Core Curriculum will set up “Core Courses of Learning and Development” to drill the problem solving abilities and interdisciplinary Understanding. To highlight the global-oriented educational objective, the school will hold related activities to drill students’ language ability.

Lin Yu-chia, a senior of Dept. of German, indicates that TKU deserves such a high recognition, for in addition to cultivate specialized knowledge, our school stresses on extra-curricular activities very much. For example, in “Tam Hai Tong Cho,” the yearly leadership camp for club leaders, there are various activities to practice team spirit and skills of communication, which would benefit the graduates in the future. ( ~Chen Chi-szu )

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