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Together with three friends outside TKU, Junior students Wu-yan Tsai, from the Department of Information and Communication and Kai-bo Shi from the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering formed “The Seafood Dinner Band” and competed in The Grand Contest for the Flower of Youth Heart Music Lyric Composition by Kiss Radio in Kaohsiung. They won the first prize of NT$30,000 and a trophy by performing the Departmental Song “Dream in Hand.” They also got the opportunity to perform with Wei-chi Fan and Wilber Pan and other performing artists at Unrivaled Youth—Shining Stars’ Performance at Shitz Wan Resort Beach in Kaohsiung.

To celebrate the 10th birthday of the Department last March, Wu-yan Tsai wrote the lyrics of “Dream in Hand” and junior student Jin-hui Hu composed the music for it. They hoped to get rid of the stiffness of traditional departmental songs, and so they played their song for many people and asked for their comments. They revised it many times. Wu-yan Tsai said, “We once almost gave it up, but finally completed it, and now we feel it is worth it.” During the summer vacation, with bass guitarist Kai-bo Shi, the leading singer, Wu-yan Tsai organized the Band. Companied with lovely smart dancing, they competed in the contest. Their sunshine style and brilliant performance got the judges’ recognition and finally won the championship among 20 competing bands.

With the NT$30,000 prize money, they produced and distributed the first “Seafood Dinner” EP including 4 original songs last month, which was on sale at every musical instrument store in Kaohsiung and Rose in Music stores. The sale was good and many supporters used the song as the background music for their Blogs. Wu-yan Tsai smilingly said, “We hope to encourage people not easily to give up their dreams with our musical creation!” ( ~Dean X. Wang )

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