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Liang Ling-yuan, third year master program graduate of Dept. of Japanese, won a research scholarship sponsored by Japan Airlines (JAL). Liang will leave for Japan on November 16th to attend a one week visiting activities. There are totally 23 applicants from 14 universities competing for two scholarship grants. The other winner of such a grant is from National Chengchi University. Liang expresses that she will make good use of this research trip to enrich her interest and efforts in translation.

Liang Ling-yuan had been a TKU exchange student to Reitaku University when she was a junior. She was impressed by the considerate and orderly working attitude of Japanese students, and was deeply interested in Japanese literature. She likes to read works by female writers, especially those by Ariyoshi Sawako, who explicates women’s social status in great depth. Liang, hence, decides to choose “The Female Oppositions in the Works of Ariyoshi Sawako” as her research topic. She will analyze the complicate emotional aspects in the works. Liang indicates that writing research proposal trains her logical thinking and clear expression.

Liang Ling-yuan recollected her nervousness during the interview for the scholarship competition, and felt excided to win the fierce competition. Liang encourages her school juniors who are interested in such a scholarship to accumulate knowledge from widening scope of information, for during the interview there would be no ready made questions and fixed answer, and only a solid and broad knowledge background can make one competent for the interview. Dr. Perng Chuen-young, Chair of Dept. of Japanese, indicates that “he feels excited about the achievement of his student, for this is only the third year since the founding of the graduate program, and last year students began to apply for such a scholarship grant, this year the student’s effort is recognized.” ( ~Chen Chi-szu )

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