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Tamkang Experimental Theater held a two-day show at L209 on September 26 and 27, attracting hundreds of students to witness their excellent performances despite the fact that there was a typhoon heading toward the island. The two plays performed by the theater group are Spinning and The Travels of Lao Tsan.

Spinning tells a story about two philosophers and a store-owner, said the director of the play, Chen Li-kuo, a senior student of the Department of Insurance. Everyone in the play tries to find solutions to problems about their lives and about love, but ultimately they find the answers to these problems on themselves. “I try to discuss serious philosophical questions through the interesting play,” said Chen. There was one scene in the play in which three protagonists of the play dance on the stage. Following their dances, all the staffs of the play came up to the stage to join the dance; however, they were all spinning in the opposite direction with the way these three main actors dance, which showed a very interesting and joyful atmosphere on the stage. “The dance joined by all the staffs and actors of the play on the stage was so interesting and fascinating that even I wanted to join them,” said one of the viewers, Chang Chia-feng, a sophomore student Department of Chinese.

The Travels of Lao Tsan tells the story of a teenage girl’s interior dialogue with herself. The girl character was played by three actresses to represent three different stages of the female protagonist’s life. The play deals with the question on how to find a balance between one’s self-growth, dream and the reality.

“I love both plays as they both touch my heart deeply,” said Chou Shih-i, a senior student of the Department of English who watched both theatrical performances.

Hsu Ya-ting, a junior student in the Department of Business Administration, who is also the president of the Tamkang Experimental Theater said that this is the first time for her theater to hold such theatrical show at the beginning of a semester. “We will prepare for the end-of-the-semester show from now on, hoping that we can have even better performance then,” said Hsu. ( ~Yen Yun-kai )

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