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The result of Creative Bus Stop Shelter Contest, held by TKU Promoting Safe Campus Group, has been revealed. Hsu Chang-yu, a senior of Dept. of Architecture, Lin Chang-yen, a senior of Dept. of Transportation Management, and Tseng Chien wei, a-second-year master student of Dept. of Architecture, won the first, second, and third place. They could get 5,000, 3,000, and 1,000 NT Dollar prize respectively.

Hsu Chang-yu shared his ideas of design with us. “Since many people hate to wait for bus in the rain, when designing the bus stop shelter, I especially focused on the draining part. I used the idea of shiplap on the top of the bus stop shelter, which could drain water as soon as possible. With the arc back, the bench provided a comfortable facility, on which people could lean against while waiting for the bus. It could also shelter them from the light and heat of the afternoon sun. Furthermore, the barrier-free ramp let the disable students go on the bus from the ground without any problem. In addition, through the arresting signboard of the bus stop, students could know its position at a glance,” said Hsu.

Dr. Jeng Hoang-ell, Dean of Office of General Affairs, indicated, “The works that won the big prizes use different kinds of materials to enrich people’s spatial experience by the multiple materiality. However, the cost of materials, establishment and preservation will need to be considered when the bus stop shelter is built in practice.” The school authority wants to set up a bus stop shelter on Dajhong Street, but because the property right of the land belongs to TKU, Tamsui Township Office, land owner, and Water Resources Bureau, Taipei County, so they are still negotiating. If the bus stop shelter can be established one day, the school authority will take these works as references. ( ~Shu-chun Yen )

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