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The 2009 MOE evaluation started on April 6, and they finished 25 departments and institutes in the Colleges of Liberal Arts, Entrepreneurial Development, Global Research and Development, Management, Foreign Languages and Literatures. Another 20 departments and institutes will be evaluated this Thursday and Friday (April 16 and 17).

President Flora C.I. Chang and Academic Vice President Kan-nan Chen, Administrative Vice President Po-yuan Kao, International Affairs Vice President Wan-chin Tai and others welcomed the MOE Evaluation Committee members and took them to different departments and institutes to listen introduction briefings, interview students, faculty members and alumni. They conducted questionnaire surveys in many classes and observed many classroom activities and teachings, and they also visited campus facilities and the Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center to get an overall view. At Lanyang Campus, some MOE Evaluation Committee members even interviewed students in English. After the evaluation, Department of Information and Library Science Chair Sinn-Cheng Lin said that the evaluation had gone smoothly as they “had rehearsed it” many times.

After the first day of the evaluation, many departments didn’t lax; rather, all faculty, staff and students burned the midnight oil to prepare further information materials, reports and bulletins to answer all inquiries and questions by the MOE Evaluation Committee members. All related administrative units also had staff on duty to support departments. Many faculty members stayed on campus the whole night to fulfill the tasks. Mass Communication Assistant Prof. Chawn-yang Hsu went home at 2:00 am, but when he got home, he got a call from the Department Office, asking for further supplemental information materials. He said that he was deeply moved by the fact that this evaluation harmoniously united the whole department as a strong team. Although it was very exhausting, it was really worth it if the department passed it smoothly.

The departments and institutes to be evaluated on April 16 and 17 include the Departments of International Trade and Insurance, College of Business, the Institutes of European Studies and Russian and Slavic Studies, College of International Studies, the Department of Educational Technology and Institute of Futures Studies, College of Education and the Department of Mathematics, College of Science, etc. Sinn-cheng Lin suggested that before the evaluation, departments should call on and tell students the importance of the evaluation. Information and Communication Department Chair Hui-chuan Liu said that it was most important to let MOE Evaluation Committee members feel TKU’s earnest and serious attitude towards education! ( ~Dean X. Wang )

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