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“2008 Academic Year TQM Conference” was held on May 1, at Chuehsheng International Conference Hall, and Chingsheng International Conference Hall, and the event took place concurrently in Langyang campus via video conference. The seminar, featuring on “Setting QCC, Substantiating TQM,” has invited distinguished management expert, Vice Manager of TOYOTA, Mr. Wang Pai-jung, as keynote speaker, sharing his experience in practicing “Quality Control Circle.”

The event was separated into two stages, taking place respectively in the morning and afternoon. President C. I. Chang, the three vice presidents, and all the first level and second level administrative heads and staffs participated in the event to reflect on the present performances in total quality management.

The opening ceremony was hosted by President Chang. It was followed by a report by Pai Dyi-ching, Section Chief of Educational Evaluation Section, Center for Learning and Teaching, “Improving the Processes of PDCA, Seven Approaches to Quality Management.” In the report, Pai reflects on the school’s progress in practicing the PDCA system, during the time of preparing for applying for National Quality Award.

Shyu Hsin-yih, Director of Center for Learning and Teaching, indicates that during the process of the preparation, she has found that many divisions were not familiar with the “quality control circle,” and he thinks all the staffs can find important references to the problem in this seminar.

Pai Dyi -ching also points out that, “The administrative style of TOYOTA and its quality control are famous in the business field, and sharing with their experience and case studies can facilitate our will to substantiate TQM.” To familiarize the participants with the “QCC,” the speech event also arranges a “Q and A” section, hosted by Dr. Chen Kan-nan, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dr. Kao Pao-yung, Vice President for Administrative Affairs. ( ~Chen Chi-szu )

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