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As one of the four Taiwan youth leaders to participate in the Symposium of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, Wu Chi-Ju, a senior in the Department of International Trade, said he was really glad to be able to join the international forum. He has the rare opportunity not only to listen to U.S. President Barack Obama delivering new policies, but also to meet celebrities such as famous actor Jet Li and Peter L. Scher, Executive Vice President for Global Government Relations and Public Policy in JPMorgan, an extremely rewarding experience that he will never forget.

“I am so excited that I was able to meet with these famous people of the world and even talk personally with them before I graduate from the college,” said Wu. “It was quite an experience.” Wu recalled that he used to take courses such as “Marketing” and “International Business Management” in his sophomore year. It is these courses that provide him basic knowledge on international trade that ultimately helped him to be qualified to join the annual forum. He gave suggestions to those who are interested in joining such international forum next year to take courses on business management or Business English as well as reading extensively on latest global news.

Wu said that he learned the news of the APEC youth leaders program at the National Youth Commission’s website. He then actively engaged in preparing for the selection into the program. He prepared a paper on the sustainable development of the APEC and a self-introduction during the first round selection and later advanced to the second round along with eight other competitors. Finally, he was chosen and became one of the four youth leaders representing Taiwan. From the unique experience in APEC, Wu said that such international gathering can help young people to broaden their views. “I wish more and more Taiwanese students can take this rare opportunity.” ( ~Yeh Yun-kai )

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