NO. 781


Su Shien-ta Violin Recital, hosted by Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center, was held successfully at Carrie Chang Music Hall on Mar. 23. Just like the day of ticket collection, it was also an exceptionally grand occasion on the performance day. Audience packed the hall long before the show began, and could not leave but keep saying bravo at the end of the concert. To appreciate the passionate reaction of the audience, Su played four encores, making all the people enjoy themselves to the full.

Su borrowed G. B. Guadagnini 1737, one of the old famous violins collected by Chimei Museum, for this particular performance. With this violin, Su showed his excellent skills and presented wonderful music that fascinated all the audience, making the moment last forever. Among all the works Su played, the most impressive classical one in the first half of the concert was “Ciaccona in g minor,” that included more than 20 variations, and “Cinema Paradiso,” the theme music of the movie Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, in the latter half.

It was not suprising that Su’s every encore was followed by a burst of applause and cheer, and that was why after playing three encores, Su had no alternative but played a famous Taiwanese ballad “Come Home Soon,” which made the audience explode into laughter. Lin Hsiu-chuan, a junior of Dept. of Industrial Economics, indicated that she has bought Su’s CD, but never been to his live concert. “Su’s performance impresses me a lot. His timbre and skills in live concert seems more excellent than that in CD,” said Lin. ( ~Shu-chun Yen )

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