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The 2nd recommencement ceremony in Lanyang Campus, with 223 graduates, took place on June 5, at Chien-pang International Conference Hall. The ceremony was proceeded in English. President C. I. Chang warmly comforted the tearful graduates, “Remember to return to your alma mater often!”

Li Chiao-tai, a graduate of Dept. of Tourism and Hospitality, who has suffered from muscular atrophy, was praised for his hardworking and excellent academic performances. President Chang went down the stairs to offer him his diploma, with thundering applauds from all the participants of the ceremony. There are two foreign graduates this year--RODRIGUEZ FETZER, LUCIA and GOMEZ VALVERDE,EDUARDO ALFONSO of Dept. of Global Politics and Economics. The parents of RODRIGUEZ FETZER, LUCIA flied from Guatemala to attend the ceremony.

The theme of the ceremony, “Wherever you go, the fairy will welcome.” Before 9 A.M., all graduates waited at the stairway for their teachers to lead the “campus tour.” Wu Chieh-hang, a graduate of Dept. of Tourism and Hospitality, said, “I feel a little sad, for this is the last time to walk on the campus with everybody.” As the graduates walked pass the dorm, their school juniors swarmed to present bouquets. “I am surprised to get so many bouquets and blessings from my school juniors,” happily said Cheng Yu-po, a graduate of Dept. of Global Politics and Economics.

The award giving ceremony of “Ch’ing Chu Yu Lang” (Sapphire of Lanyang) Awards, a la mode Academy Awards ceremony, with anchorman announcing the names of winners, and the winners presenting reception words in English. The biggest winner, Shih Li-ming of Dept. of Tourism and Hospitality, who has won both the Award of Hardworking and Award of Best Academic Performances, happily responded, “Because of the active teaching of my teachers, I not only refrain from skipping class but also pay more attention to the course.” The “Ch’ing Chu Yu Lang” Awards go to four winners—Huang Chia-ming (Dept. of Information and Communication Technology Management), Wu Chieh-hang (Dept. of Tourism and Hospitality), Chiu Li-ming (Dept. of Operations Management In Service Industries), and Lin Chao-mu (Dept. of Landscape Architecture and Management). Huang Chia-ming expressed that he appreciated the recognition of teachers and supports of classmates, and would work harder after graduation in honor of their supports.

The event ended with a special film with episodes of student life, and the anthem of Lanyang campus, “I Have a Dream.” ( ~Chen Chi-szu )

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