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The 2010 Information Week, organized by Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, was held in TKU Tamsui campus last week. The exhibition featured all kinds of fruitful results and works developed by the department. One of the major attractions was a simulation game that allows a person to tie a sensor on his leg and play Counterstrike-like simulation game.

A guest speech of the Information Week was made by Dr. Sherry Y. Chen of the Graduate Institute of Network Learning Technology, National Central University. Dr. Chen, who suffered from Achondroplasia and is only 120 centimeters tall, spoke about how she overcame the physical challenge. She said her mother did no give her extra attention just because of her disease, but instead she treated her equally harsh like her siblings. She therefore learned to be a person that never says no to every possibility in life. She also asserted the importance of “No Pain, no gain,” to all participants.

In another speech, “Searching for opportunity in Internet TV,” Chunghwa Telecom Vice President Huang Tzu-han explains how the IP technology influences nowadays television industry. Lin Shih-chieh, a sophomore in the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, said he used to think MOD was something related to mechanics and electrical engineering-majors. But after hearing Huang’s speech, Lin said he has better understanding to the industry and is hoping to have job in related field.

Meanwhile, the Department of Information and Communication held an exhibition entitled “Alice in Wonderland” from June 7 to 9 at Chueh-hsuan Chinese Garden. The exhibition featured hundreds of great works made by the department for the past years, including animation, CG self-portrayed and mascots designed by local industries. Sung Ti-yen, a sophomore of the department who doubled as head of the exhibition unit, said the exhibition was named because the whole venue was designed like a maze. The exhibition is decorated in fluorescent powder to create a mysterious atmosphere. “This is the debut year of the exhibition,” said Sung, adding that he hopes it could become a tradition of his department and promote TKU Department of Information and Communication to more colleges and high school students. Huang Kuo-kai, a junior in the Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, said he was deeply impressed with the exhibition especially with the creativity the organizers of the exhibition shows. These creativities are shown with the help of computer software. ( ~ Yeh Yun-kai )

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