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The term of Dr. C. I. Chang’s 9th TKU presidency ended on July 31, 2010. The 10th Board of Trustees elected the 10th TKU President at its 7th meeting, in which Dr. C. I. Chang was unanimously reelected as the 10th TKU president. The board meeting also elected the trustee members of the 11th Board of Trustees. Eight of nine members continue to be the trustees, including Ms. Polly S. Chang, Yea-hong Chen, Charles C. Lin, Hong-shang Hong, Steve Lee, Gregory K. H. Wang, Kun-yen Lee, John C. H. Yang. Mr. Ching-nan Chen was newly elected to the board.

In the handing-over ceremony on August 2, Secretary-General, Hsin-min Chou, represented the Board of Trustees to present the letter of appointment, and explained that according to the newly revised Law of Private University, the presidency term is four years, President Chang’s new term will last from August 1, 2010 to July 31, 2014. President Chang has declared the direction of the coming four years. The short-term target will be focused on the celebration of TKU’s 60th anniversary and the preparation for the school affairs evaluation. As for the long-term direction, President Chang expects the educational and administrative heads to familiarize with the proactive concepts of “the age of discontinuity” and of “black swan effect” and figure out creative strategies to confront the current of decreasing birth rate and that of competition among graduates in the four zones of both sides of the strait.

The new trustee, Mr. Ching-nan Chen, who graduated from Department of Business in 1969, is the President of Ching Fu Enterprise, the biggest private shipyard in Taiwan. Mr. Chen used to be the President of General Association of TKU Alumni, R.O.C. and spared no effort in promoting the centripetal force toward TKU. Presently, he is the Director General of the World TKU Alumni Association. Mr. Chen attributes his success to the nourishment of his alma mater and will transfer his gratitude to help substantiate TKU’s educational ideals toward a better future. ( ~Chen Chi-szu )

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