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To go with the “International Youth Ambassadors Communication Project” of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, TKU’s representatives, led by Dr. Lin Hui-ing of Dept. of Spanish, went to Panama for two weeks of cultural and academic communication. Association of TKU Alumni in Panama held banquet to welcome the TKU representatives, and invited R. O. C Ambassador in Panama, Mr. Ko Sheng-yao, to inform the students with cultural tips.

In addition to the cultural and academic communication, the Youth Ambassadors also visited Elder Citizen Center, Family of the Hope, and Home of Children On the Edge for volunteer services with their creative activities. Huang Chih-lin, third year graduate student of Dept. of Spanish, indicated that she was impressed by the difference between the poors and the riches in Panama, and was moved by the active learning attitude of the local children. “These children are active to express themselves and thank for our instruction with passionate hugs, which are rare manners found in Taiwan,” Huang added.

Association of TKU Alumni in Panama gave “MOLA” (the textile art form of the Kuna people of Panama and Colombia) to the youth ambassadors as gifts. In return, they performed team anthem, “You Are My Blossoms” and dances for the alumni. “We felt very warm, when Mr. Chiu Chien-tao, President of the alumni association, treated us passionately and reminded us details for accustomed to the foreign environment,” Huang Chih-lin recalled. ( ~Chen Chi-szu )

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