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Office of Continuing Education has organized the “2010 Chinese Language and Culture Studying Camp for Overseas Chinese Youth” commissioned by Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission, R.O.C., between July 6 and August 16, in which 242 young expatriates from USA, France, Canada, Germany, and other countries joined the program to experience the unusual Formosan cultures.

Various activities designed in accompany with the scenes and settings of the films, Secret and Monga led the participants to tour Tamsui, Po-pi-liao, Longshan Temple, Confucius Temple as well as interacted with representatives in eight junior high schools in the north coast, including Chu Wei, Cheng Te, San Chih High Schools. In addition, cultural lessons, such as bell-pulling, flower-pressing, kongfu, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese knot, afforded students with invaluable experience.

To promote this project, the school has selected 26 teaching assistants, with 8 weeks of training, including art design, computer, filming. They are versed in English or Spanish, and contain the merit of our globalization-oriented education. Chiang Wan-chi, Dept. of International Trade, executive chief of the program, indicated that “the age of the participants varies from 14 to 18, so they have different response to the courses. In getting along with the participants, we have the chance to drill our ability of communication and leadership, and identify different cultural responses. For example, American kids are passionate, while European children are independent.”

Lilian, 14, who came from Canada, said that she loved Taiwan pop music, found that the clothing style in Taiwan was very different from that in Canada, and she appreciated the considerate cares of the assistants, whose day and night accompany made her Chinese progress greatly. Ti Chieh-yu, 17, who came from Spain, indicated that this was his second time in the program, and “after the last participation last year, he has kept contact with the assistants. For the love of Tamsui scenery and sunset, he participates again. Last time, he can only listen to Chinese; this time he progresses a lot in reading and writing, which makes him get close to Chinese culture, which is a great achievement.” ( ~Chen Chi-szu )

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