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“Cross-school Digital Learning Curriculum,” which incorporates the digital learning courses provided by Tamkang University, Aletheia University, and St. John’s University, the first of its kind in the country, gets started this semester. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and graduate students of Master program or Ph.D. program, of the day division of TKU, can register without paying extra fee. Those who are interested can visit the following website by September 26:

Dr. Chen Ching-fan, Section Chief of Distance Education Development Section, indicates that “Cross-school Digital Learning Curriculum,” designed by three universities and open to the students of three universities, is the first curriculum of its kind in Taiwan. With the specialties from three universities, the students are offered with more options in selecting courses. This is an unusual chance for students to increase their competitiveness.

The teaching of each course in the curriculum includes “distance learning lessons” and “face-to-face learning lessons.” The curriculum is divided into two categories: core courses and specialized courses. The core courses, which are all provided by Department of Educational Technology, TKU, include “Introduction to Digital Learning,” “On-line Leading Technique and Method,” “Web Teaching Platform and Teaching Strategies,” “Design of Digital Teaching,” “Production of Digital Teaching Materials.” The specialized courses, which are taught by teachers of three universities, include “Digital Learning Curriculum of Chinese Language Teaching” (Dept. of Chinese, Tamkang University), “Digital Learning Curriculum of Tourism” (Dept. of Information and Tourism, Aletheia University), and “Digital Learning Curriculum of Animation Creation” (Dept. of Digital Literature and Arts, St. John’s University). Lu Ching-jun, junior of Dept. of Mass Communication, TKU, responded to the announcement of the news that “it would be a pity not to take such a free and brand new curriculum into consideration.” ( ~Chen Chi-szu )

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