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Do you take your college credits only from the curriculum provided by the departments? There are much more options from diverse student clubs for your consideration. This year, 108 of the total 204 student clubs display their creative ideas to introduce their clubs in the yearly club expo. The event, “TKU Clubs fly with TKU’s 60th Anniversary,” lasted from September 9 to 17, took place on Poster Street, from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M.

In the opening day, every participating club of the expo did their best to attract the freshmen. Cheerleaders danced in their shinning costumes; members of Kendo Club dispatched advertisement in their full uniform—mask, shield, and bamboo sword; members of Lyric and Song Creation Club brought with them a full set of jazz drums and guitar to have a live show. These performances and other impressive displays made Poster Street crowded with students. Lin Yin-tong, a freshman of Undergraduate Program of Sciences, said that it felt like an interesting, exciting carnival fair. Shih Ching-wen, a freshman of Dept. of Insurance, holding a bunch of leaflets, said that “I might choose Hot Dance Club, for I want to learn the technique of dancing.”

There are 10 new clubs this year: YogaPilatis Association of Tamkang University, TKU Billiard Club, TKU Seeding Study Guidance Services Club, Uinion Dolpin Club, Tamkang University Volunteer of International Service, Tamkang University Lanyang Campus Volunteer Group, Experimental Music Club, Chienpei High-school Alumni Association, TKU Family Dorm, and Buddhism Witnesses Club. Uinion Dolpin Club is organized by students who are devoted to the management of club services. Club leader, Lee Ching-fang, first year graduate student of Institute of Educational Policy and and Leadership, indicates that the club gathers some experienced and/or retired club cadres to offer information and assistance for the development of club of social services. TKU Seeding Study Guidance Services Club is devoted to provide services in course assistance for junior high or elementary school students of the economically disadvantaged family in Tamsui.

If you still can not decide which club to join in, you should not miss the performances provided by two dozens clubs in “Night of Student Clubs” between 6:30 and 9:30 p.m, on Sept 15, at the Student Center. Chen Wan-chun, junior of Dept. of Finance, executive chief of the club expo, indicates that the concessive shows by more than 20 clubs will make the center very high, and those who want to understand the difference between clubs should not miss it; especially, there will a lottery drawing at the end of the event. Those who fill in the questionnaires are allowed to join in the lottery. ( ~Chen Chi-szu )

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