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“Tamkang 60, You Quit Smoking You Win,” a series of activities to celebrate TKU’s 60th anniversary as well as to practice the school’s policy of preventing hazard from smoking, are organized by Guidance Section, Office of Student Affairs. Yu Tai-jun, officer of Military Training Department, said “it is expected that more and more students will join this event to improve the environment of the campus.”

“Non-smoking Journey: No smoking within 5-meter circumscription of the campus,” a campaign to denounce smoking, took place between September 20 and 25, at the gate to “university city” area. Those who join in the campaign will get a special gift designed by Spring Sunshine Club. A “Lohas smoking-quitting class” will begin on October 2, at B302A. The contents of the class include reducing stress, food control, aerobics, etc. The number of the participants is limited. Those participants who are verified as being successful in quitting smoking within three weeks will be able to draw lottery—to win prize money. The highest prize money is 5000 NT dollars. The witness(verifier) of the winner, will be honored with 1000 NT dollars.

In addition, “Non-smoking petition volunteers” recruit new members from now till October 11. Those volunteers who perform well will be allowed to register for school dorm for one semester and will be praised officially. For more details, please visit the website of Guidance Section at ( ~Chen Chi-szu )

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