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Ministry of Education held a honorary Presidential banquet to award the Senior and Excellent Teachers, including those who have served between 10 and 40 years. TKU has 68 teachers won the awards, including 2 teachers who have served for 40 years, Dr. Chen Yu-hsiu of Dept. of English, Dr. Kuo Yueh-er of Physical Education Section, Office of Physical Education. Those who have served over 30 years include Dr. Yang Yu-mei, Dr. Huang Farn- guang, Dr. Yuan Pao-hsin, Dr. Chen Kan-nan, Dr. Wu Chin-chuan, Dr. Kao Huey-chuen, Dr. Lee Jung-si.

The courses taught by Dr. Chen Yu-hsiu include English Translation and English. Dr. Chen believes that “the purpose of education is to activate student’s motivation to learn, nurture the ability to study, to share experience in learning, and most importance of all to train the ability to solve problem.” One of Dr. Chen’s students, Hong Chien-yin, sophomore of Dept. of Chinese, remarks that “Dr. Chen will pick the reading materials suitable for us, and she has never given us pressure, and whenever we have any problem in learning, she is always glad to help.”

The specialties of Dr. Kuo Yueh-er include basketball, table tennis, and tennis. Dr. Kuo spares no effort in “applying the most specialized teacher to help student get the most interesting physical education and a healthy life.” One of her students, Lu Yi-shan, senior of Dept. of Chinese, indicates that “Dr. Kuo is like a wonderful mom, who often informs us details of life, and for those who are slow in learning, she will assist them patiently.” Another student, Chen Chu-chien, senior of Dept. of History, reflects that “our teacher is considerate in teaching, and she will help students to understand with diverse ways.”( ~Chen Chi-szu )

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