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In order to make people know more about the value of life, Counseling Section of Office of Student Affairs holds a series of life education activities. Students who are interested in these events can sign up now!

Co-held with Aletheia University, Soochow University and Fu Jen Catholic University, “Life Image Exhibition” is calling for works from now to Nov. 5. The exhibition is divided into two categories. The “image category” includes painting, photography, image collage, and other static graphic works. The “film category” contains animation and video works. 12 excellent pieces will be picked up from the image category in the end, and their authors can get a 300 NTD prize respectively. As for the film category, the first, second, and third place can win 5000 NTD, 3000 NTD, and 2000 NTD prize respectively.

Furthermore, Counseling Section also holds a writing contest and calls for articles to talk about what your life will be like after ten years. “We hope that through this activity, students can ponder seriously on what kind of person they want to become in ten years, and then make a personal career planning in advance,” said Chiang Chiu-tai, one of the section members. The first, second, and third place as well as honorable mention can win 5000 NTD, 3000 NTD, 2000 NTD, and 500 NTD prize respectively. The due date to submit the article is Oct. 12. For more information, please contact Ms. Chiang at B424.

In addition, Counseling Section will lead 18 students to visit Chinese Love Sheltered Workshop in Sanchong City, Taipei County, on Oct. 29. During the visit, the participants can experience the work in the Sheltered Workshop, that is, making danglers and stamps, and cultivate their positive life attitude. Students who are interested in this visiting tour can go to the website

/file/section4/service/204/KissMyLife/index.jsp?sectionId=4 to look for more information, and find the counselor Ms. Chen Kua-cheng 0at B413 to sign up. ( ~Shu-chun Yen )

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