NO. 801

Wishing Plaques Carry Hopes of Students

In order to celebrate TKU’s 60th anniversary, the TKU Office of Student Affairs handed out wishing plaques, allowing students and staff to adorn the university grounds with their hopes and ambitions. Wishing plaques are thin wooden plaques upon which one can inscribe their inner hopes and wishes. On the 3rd of November, teachers and students received blank plaques, and after writing their wishes, affixed them to banyan trees near the side entrance of the College of Liberal Arts.

Second year Department of Mass Communication student, Wang Jing-jie, wrote: “I hope the soon-to-arrive guests remain safe despite the terrible Tamsui weather”.

Second year Department of Public Administration student, Xiao Shun-ze, wrote: “I hope Tamkang wins gold in the upcoming Badminton Cup”.

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