NO. 803

A Celebration of TKU’s Oldest Department

On Oct. 30, the Department of English held a large-scale event to celebrate its 60th anniversary. In keeping with the theme, 60 tables were set up to seat 600 department alumni, who boisterously reflected on 60 years of TKU history. Among the 600 guests were three alumni who were part of the first class of TKU English graduates. Now in their eighties, one of them used a walking stick to walk, while another needed to be supported by a carer. Their determination in attending the event made a deep impression on the younger members of alumni.

Also present at the event was the President of TKU, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, who delivered a short speech. She congratulated the department faculty on their diligent efforts over the past six decades, and on their accomplishment of developing a top quality department of English. She also mentioned challenges being faced by institutes of higher education due to trends such as plummeting birth rates; and urged faculty and alumni to come together to ensure the continued success of the TKU English Department.

As part of the program, a Tai Chi demonstration delighted the crowd – with each movement synchronized to soothing music – as did the ballroom dance display to follow. To help alumni reminisce, the local specialty dish of Tamsui was served, and a video was played, depicting changes to the TKU Tamsui Campus over the last 60 years. The alumni were enthralled. And each time they saw pictures of the campus as it was when they were students, they let out gasps of reminiscent joy.

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