NO. 818

The 2011 Institutional Evaluation

Every five years, the Ministry of Education undertakes a comprehensive evaluation of universities around Taiwan. During the evaluation, assessment officers known as “commissioners” visit the school and appraise all aspects of school performance and operation. These include the quality of instruction, the administrative structures and quality assurance mechanisms in place, the school's position in the marketplace, the educational resources it offers, and the systems of governance and management it possesses.

Today (April 13th), assessment “commissioners” arrived at the TKU Tamsui Campus as part of the 2011 On-site Institutional Evaluation. The evaluation will extend over two days, during which the commissioners will inspect the TKU library, various classrooms and laboratories, and other key locations around the campus. They will also review information prepared by each TKU department, and interview several members of TKU faculty and staff.

The feedback offered by the commissioners serves as an essential guideline for future TKU policy directions and related initiatives. It is hoped that through the evaluation, TKU will not only receive recognition for its status as a leading private university, but will also gain insight on how to enhance its competitiveness and attain true sustainable development.

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