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TKU Voted No.1 by Business for 14 Successive Years

Cheers Magazine recently announced the results of its annual “1000 Enterprises Favorite College Graduates” survey. In 2011, for the 14th consecutive year, Tamkang University placed first among all private universities, reflecting the high esteem in which Taiwanese enterprises hold Tamkang University graduates.

TKU graduates have always performed exceptionally in the areas of stress management and stability on the job. They have been assisted in finding workplace opportunities upon graduation by the TKU Alumni Office.

Media reports have shown that Taiwanese companies recruiting new employees most highly value candidates who are open and willing to learn, and can be shaped and molded. The second most sought after quality is the ability to solve problems, followed by a comprehensive grasp of professional knowledge and skills.

TKU President, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, noted that TKU is constantly working to improve itself. She pointed to new initiatives to be implemented next semester, such as compulsory club and society classes, as well as TKU’s push to strengthen ties with business in order to provide students with broader opportunities for internship and on-the-job learning.

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