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Tan Han-jun – On the Path to Musical Greatness

Retracing the steps of his musical past, 4th year student Tan Han-jun recalls how he laid the foundations for his musical talent in high school by taking part in the school orchestra and choir. Then, in his second year of university, he took a year off so that he could devote all his time to practicing guitar.

He previously formed bands, such as “Brainroller” and “Un-tone”, with friends and classmates. Together, they performed at various establishments across Taipei, including the Nan Hai Gallery and the highly appraised Luguo Cafe in Guandu. Han-jun likens being in a band to marriage: “I’ve seen so many people quit bands because they didn’t have the resolve to continue playing. Without resolve, ‘divorce’ is inevitable”.

Given the lengthy amount of time that band members spend together, communication between members is essential. Difficulties can arise if each band member shows varying levels of commitment to the band. “Some people view playing in a band as just a hobby. But for me, it’s the main focus of my life”, he asserted.

“When life becomes too full, we lose the ability to admire its beauty”. These are the lyrics from the song “May Rain”, which Han-jun wrote and recorded last year. They refer to our collective tendency to lose sight of the beautiful aspects of life in today’s fast-paced, modern society.

With his passion for music, his wisdom, and his unceasing resolve, Han-jun is truly walking the path to musical success.

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