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The 2011 Smoke-Free Campus Initiative

Each year, the ROC Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Bureau of Health Promotion (BHP) provide subsidies to applying universities that implement ‘smoke-free campus’ initiatives. To determine the subsidy amount apportioned to each university, the ROC government holds an annual Smoke-Free Campus Evaluation. This year, a total of 40 colleges and universities around Taiwan took part in the event.

As in previous years, Tamkang University was rewarded for its comprehensive smoke-free policy, with the highest subsidy total on offer, 50,000 NTD. Yu Tai-jung, of the TKU Guidance Section, explained that this year, TKU has expanded its smoke-free campus activities to include the making of creative smoke-free videos and the granting of prizes to students who successfully persuade smokers to move to designated smoke areas.

TKU has also set up “smoke-free teams” that work continuously throughout the year to improve the “smoke-free” environment at the Tamsui Campus. These “smoke-free teams”, consisting of 80 volunteers, have thus far encouraged 116 smokers to sign personal declarations vowing that, in future, they will only smoke in the designated smoking areas around the campus.

A recent questionnaire has shown that only 26% of Tamkang University students feel that the Tamsui Campus can be described as a “Good smoke-free environment”. Meanwhile, 93% support a total ban on smoking at the Tamsui Campus.

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