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A Magical Evening to Remember

On May 19, the TKU Magic Club held a show that displayed all the skills they had learned throughout the 2010 academic year. The show, called the ‘Magic Delta’, attracted magic fans from TKU, local residents, and magicians from other universities, each of whom lined up well before the show began to ensure they got good seats.

The show featured a variety of magic tricks, such as magic sponge balls, playing cards, umbrellas, and a magic light show.

During the show, a guest appearance was made by famous Taiwanese magician, Robin. The renowned magician incorporated humor into his performance and held the audience in rapture. He performed the egg bag trick, made impersonations, and revealed the steps behind a well-known rope trick.

Department of Civil Engineering student, Chen Yifan, exclaimed “Robin’s performance was incredible! He was able to make an egg just disappear from within the bag. It was amazing!”

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