NO. 827

The 15th Pop Dance Club End-of-Semester Dance Display

On the 29th May, the TKU Pop Dance Club held its 15th End-of-Semester Dance Display. The show was the culmination of the continued practice and honing of dance skills by club members over the past year. The club also invited dance societies from other well-known universities, as well as renowned professional dance groups, including Lumi All Star, Merry Monarc, and Booty Pop.

In all, 300 students from various universities came to the TKU Tamsui Campus to view the high energy dance spectacular.

And they weren’t disappointed. TKU Department of Japanese student, Zhang Hao-yu, commented: “The performance by Lumi All Star Left the greatest impression on me. I took one of their dance classes while in high school. I really like their style of dance, because it is a bit like ballet. The atmosphere at this semester’s dance show was really great, and the dancers were amazing!”

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