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US Alumni Associations Hold Annual Gala

On November 19, two TKU alumni organizations jointly held their annual year-end gala. Held at the Pacific Palms Resort, Los Angeles, the gala brought together 400 Tamkang alumni from the TKU Alumni Association of South California and the TKU Foundation of North American Alumni. The festivities attracted two special guests, who came all the way from Taiwan to join the celebration: the TKU Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Po-yuan Kao, and the Executive Director of the Office of Alumni Services and Resource Development, Dr. Perng Chun Young.

The year-end gala featured a handover ceremony, in which the current President of the Alumni Association of South California, Ruth Yen, passed the presidential baton to Department of Commerce Alumnus, David Wu. Ms. Yen commented: “I’m very grateful to Vice President Kao and Executive Director Perng for traveling all the way from Taiwan to take part in this year’s gala activities. I’d also like to thank TKU for the attentive care it’s provided over the years”.

During the event, Vice President Kao described plans for the building of a new Information Education Building on the Tamsui Campus, and invited alumni to the TKU World Alumni Association Biennial Conference, to be held in Malaysia in 2012. He explained that during his current trip to the US, he visited TKU alumni associations in Houston, Texas, and Vancouver, Canada, as well as meeting with the President of California University – San Diego, Dr. Marye Anne Fox. Together, they discussed plans for possible future cooperation.

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