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Information Processing Center (IPC) of Tamkang University (TKU) has reached an agreement with Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd., on “Campus Special District Group Hotline Services,” under which Chunghwa Telecom will offer special rate for Chunghwa cellular phone users if they are in this special district.

Users are able to enjoy a special rate between NT$0.02-NT$0.04 per second in ordinary and discounted time and NT$0.01 per second during the midnight. The rate is even cheaper than that of public telephone.

TKU Tamsui Campus and Taipei Campus are listed as the special districts. All faculty, staff members and students who are holders of Chunghwa Telecom cellular phone will become a member after logging on to register the cell number and E-mail of school account. If you dial “32” before calling, you can enjoy this special rate service. Each end user can only register a number. For further information please log on This special program also applies to pre-paid Chunghwa Telecom cellular users.

No additional fee will be charged for joining this program. End users could not enjoy this special rate if they are not calling in this special district or not using Chunghwa cellular phones.

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