NO. 869

The “Echinacea Movement” and National Teacher’s Day

Today (Sept 27) at noon, the Office of Military Education and Training held a National Teacher’s Day activity at the Fu Yuan Garden, Tamsui Campus. National Teacher’s Day is an annual event that gives students the opportunity to express gratitude for the instruction and guidance they receive from their teachers throughout the year. The event began with a Lion Dance performance by the Overseas Chinese Student Club, followed by a martial arts demonstration staged by the TKU Tae Kwon Do Club and a number of touching song and dance performances.

To support the “Echinacea Movement” currently being promoted by the Ministry of Education, the TKU Office of Military Education and Training has recently also launched a series of anti-drug activities characterized by the slogan “clean, healthy, drug-free”. Wei Yu-wen, a staff member in the Office of Military Education and Training, said that teachers from the Office have helped to promote drug-free living through classroom education and by teaming up with the TKU Long-Distance Education Section to produce a “Quit Drugs” educational video. The video involves clips of TKU members talking about the hazards of drugs. Participants filmed include student club members, campus security officers, foreign students, and even owners of nearby shops and restaurants.

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