NO. 870

A Special Lecture by Prosecutor Liu Cheng-wu

On October 1 at the TKU Student Activity Center, the Office of Military Education and Training held a special lecture as part of the “lifestyle education” lecture series currently being promoted by TKU.

The theme of the lecture was “Education on Democracy and the Rule of Law”, and the special guest speaker was Taipei City Prosecutor, Liu Cheng-wu.

The lecture was delivered in a lively, humorous manner by Liu. He explained that in educating his daughter, he very rarely says “No!” One time his daughter asked him: “Can I go through a red light on my scooter?” Liu didn’t say no. Instead, he said “if you can prove that you can save lives (like an ambulance), then you can go through a red light.”

The host of the lecture event, Chu Kuan-Yung, noted that: “today’s society is more complex than it used to be. So, it’s essential to reinforce students’ conception of the rule of law. Doing so helps to ensure that the rights of all citizens are protected.”