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Training for Specialized English Instruction

In August, five TKU professors went to Waikato University, New Zealand, to take part in an intensive course on specialized English instruction. The course went for ten days and each day featured a new theme, such as long-distance (correspondence) English instructed courses.

The five-person Tamkang delegation included Prof. Juan Pin-Ju from the Department of International Tourism Management; Assistant Professor Peng Li-Hui from the Graduate Institute of Futures Studies; Prof. Chiu Chien-Ching from the Department of Electrical Engineering; Prof. Lin Jyh-Jiuan from the Department of Statistics; and Associate Professor Daniel Chen from the Department of Chinese Literature.

Daniel Chen explained that apart from the Tamkang contingent, there were also 10 teachers from Mainland China’s renowned Zhejiang University. During the course, Waikato University instructors shared their experience in teaching and in providing students with the latest multimedia facilities and equipment. Associate Professor Chen said that after returning to Taiwan, he has tried incorporating the teaching methods into his courses. He hopes to create a more diverse learning environment in his classes.

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