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Promoting Good Conduct in the Community

At 1pm on Sat Oct 20, Tamkang University held a fair at the local Tamsui MRT Station to promote moral conduct and good behavior. The event was made up of two activities: a parade along the Tamsui riverside and a fair that featured fun games and activities intended to teach children about the importance of good conduct.

The event was held by the Office of Student Affairs as part of TKU’s compulsory service learning program. A total of 30 students took part. They wore volunteer vests and were accompanied by a well-known mascot for good behavior, the “good behavior egg”. The games organized for the fair each related to the “seven core attitudes of good conduct”. These include honesty, respect, responsibility, cooperation, tolerance, empathy, and filial piety. In one of the games participants had to carry baskets filled with balloons on their backs without letting any of the balloons fall out. This game corresponded to the theme of “responsibility”.

The TKU Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Ko Chih-en, explained that “the purpose of holding the fair was to try to create more awareness of the importance of moral conduct in our everyday interactions”.

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