NO. 874

A New TKU International Conference Center

Recently, during the 126th TKU Administrative Conference, TKU President Flora Chia-I Chang revealed a new TKU project that will see the construction of a major international conference center. The project is scheduled to be finished in 2016 to coincide with the significant milestone of Tamkang’s 66th birthday.

The TKU Dean of General Affairs, Shiaw-Shyan Luo, said that with the planned construction of a Tamsui light rail system and a Tamsui Bridge connecting Tamsui to Taipei City, getting to and from Tamsui will become even more convenient. Add to this the leading research programs offered by TKU, the beauty of the Tamsui Campus, and the popularity of Tamsui as a tourist destination and it easy to see why Tamsui is an ideal location for an international conference center. “Our initial idea involves a center that is capable of providing high quality accommodation and restaurants, as well as space for conferences and leisure facilities. We hope that TKU alumni support us in this vision, not just financially through raising funds, but also by providing expertise and experience in all areas involved.”