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An Annual Table Tennis Tournament at Tamkang

The 2012 National Table tennis Competition for University Faculty and Staff was recently held at the TKU Shao Mo Memorial Gymnasium (October 26 - 27). It featured 85 teams from universities throughout Taiwan, 663 competitors, and 166 matches. It also attracted various dignitaries from the area of sports and athletics, including: Rosa Chien, the Deputy Minister of the Sports Affairs Council, Executive Yuan; Vincent Han-Sun Chiang, the President of the Chinese Taipei University Sports Federation; Chen Kuang Fu, the Vice President of the Republic of China Sports Federation; and the TKU Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Gwo-Hsin Yu.

This year, TKU entered one team in both the men’s and women’s team events. One of the members of the men’s team this year was Elad Bruhl, a research assistant from the TKU Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs. Elad began seriously training in table tennis a little over a year ago. Although when he was a child he used to play table tennis with family and friends in his garage, it was not until a year ago, after going to the local community center in Tamsui, that he learned of the complexity of table tennis. He explains that although table tennis requires the player to hit the ball with a racket, the primary source of power generated should come from the movement of the legs and waist. At present, although busy with work, Elad nevertheless makes time to train in table tennis at least two to three times per week. He states “no matter how busy work gets, it’s vital to make time to exercise”.

The TKU men’s team vastly improved on their efforts from last year, winning three ties out of five and almost qualifying for the grand final.

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