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“I’m so touched by Tamkang University (TKU) students who are full of vigor and vitality,” so said Prime Minister Paramanga Ernest Yonli of Burkina Faso after meeting with TKU students on March 27, 2003.

Prime Minister Yonli, accompanied by his wife and a strong entourage and officials of Foreign Ministry, arrived at Tamsui campus on Thursday afternoon, where he received a warm welcome extended by TKU Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Feng Chao-kang and more than 100 TKU students.

Dr. Feng officiated at a briefing on the current TKU development to Prime Minister Yonli at Ching-sheng International Conference Hall. Prime Minister Yonli delivered a keynote speech on “ obstacles Africa faces when implementing construction ” and answered questions raised by students.

Yonli is currently on a five-day official visit to the Republic of China. During his stay in Taipei, in addition to calling on President Chen Shui-bien, Premier Yu Shy-kun and Foreign Minister Eugene Chien, the African dignitary visited TKU, which is the only university he visited in Taiwan.

At first, Dr. Feng on behalf of TKU presented a silk banner and a vase to Prime Minister Yonli as a token. In return, Prime Minister Yonli handed over a bronze handicraft to Dr. Feng. Yonli and his entourage then visited Chueh-sheng Memorial Library. Prime Minister Yonli praised highly the modernization of TKU.

Other members of his entourage included Youssouf Ouedraogo, Foreign Minister; Agricultural Minister Salif Diallo, Commerce Minister Bendit Ouattara and others.

Actually, the African continent possesses rich resources, Yonli said, adding that the African people should have confidence themselves. At present, all the African countries are carrying out the new construction project with the aim of luring more private sectors to take part in the construction of public installation, education, medical care, agriculture, scientific technology, information management, environment, energy and international market.

Yonli who obtained doctoral degree on economics from the University of Groningen, Holland and Wagatuku University, Burkina Faso, focuses his speech on the economic development in Africa. “Burkina Faso is an inland country and now we have decided to change our policy to walk into the international communities, looking for assistance,” Yonli said.

Relations between the Republic of China and Burkina Faso are very cordial. National leader and high-ranking officials of the two countries exchanged visits last year. At present, ROC sent a technical mission and medical care mission to Burkina Faso to help them improve their rice and medical care system.

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